Inoltra offer SAP Staffing Solutions across the globe in SAP industry solutions to end user clients and SAP Consulting partners. We offer the following services;


Find the SAP talent needed for your organization, even the most difficult profiles of the market, with industry specific SAP Skills. Find the staff with not only the skills you need, but are aligned with your culture, team, and company objectives


Find the right expert SAP freelance professionals to assist you with expert level knowledge in projects, hard to find skills, knowledge transfer to internal staff, hire quickly whilst searching for perfect permanent employee, and hire for the duration that suits your needs short term or full project


We offer a retained executive search service. With this model, a dedicated recruiting team is assigned until the search is completed, This type of search is typically used when confidentiality is important, or when mission-critical resources are needed quickly. Retained search a full comprehensive list of all candidates contacted is shared, and we act as an extension of your recruitment team. Part of our service fee is paid upfront. 

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